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EFT Solutions for Web-Based POS

Providing payment connectivity solutions in the form of an Offline Backup and Fully Integrated EFTPOS solutions to small/medium enterprise.

Nimbus EFTPOS provides business with a simple and cost effective electronic fund transfer (EFT) solutions to enable a cloud-based and web-based Point of Sale (POS) system (specifically those running a through an encrypted SSL web-browser interface) to correctly communicate with a locally controlled Serial/Parallel/USB port operated EFTPOS payment terminals and EFTPOS settlement controllers.

Nimbus EFTPOS provides customers with the benefits of both an OFFLINE and an ONLINE payment processor, all rolled into one easy to install software application. Currently Nimbus EFTPOS supports the Vend POS and PC-EFTPOS controllers terminals.


Basic Functionality: (offline backup)

The basic functionality of Nimbus EFTPOS One allows store cashiers / shop clerks / retail assistants to MANUALLY control the payment terminal by simply dragging and dropping the payment tendered for each sale using the mouse (or other pointing device). This feature doubles as an offline mode or backup mode, allowing business to continue unhindered even if internet connectivity is lost.

Basic Functionality Features:

Integrated EFTPOS Solution:

Nimbus EFTPOS also features a complete integrated EFTPOS solution for your cloud based POS website / software. This solution adds on approx ~1 second to transmit and the similar time to receive a response from the NimbusEFTPOS One software, automatically transmitting the transaction telemetry across a SSL internet connection.

Integrated EFTPOS Benefits:

Solution Accreditation

Certificate Number 459

Accreditation Limitations

Although some certified Bank PIN pads may support it; our accreditation and pilot software as of yet does NOT natively support Cash-Out transactions, Pre-Authorisation transactions or Tipping transactions.

Nimbus EFTPOS Installation Guide

The actual Nimbus Installation is a simple two click process; installing the software can only be summed up in two words; "easy as"! In fact PC-EFTPOS claim they have 75% Australian EFTPOS market share, meaning that many businesses looking to convert to web-based POS already have the EFT Client/Servers setup.

If you are already in business you can just skip-ahead to the final step 6 of this checklist; however if you're part of the latter and haven't yet installed your EFT Terminals and software, we have created a fairly comprehensive checklist that will help guide you with the entire installation process;

Installation Checklist

Before you begin; If you already have a retail manager software installed on your POS machines and/or already have the EFT client/server programs running on your "computer tray", you may skip the next 5 steps and jump straight to step 6.

1. First contact your bank merchants support or solutions, and arrange for your merchant bank account to include an PC-EFTPOS installation package, we recommend you opt for a IP Communications Gateway service, as its the most modern and cost effective solution. Your bank will then send you the new terminals and a Username and Password for each of your 'trading names'.

2. Once you have received your terminals details for your store, you then need to connect the terminal hardware to your computer, modern terminals require only a single USB connection, plug in what you can and continue on to step 3.

3. Next we begin the software installation; most terminals are natively supported by the PC-EFTPOS installer and will be setup for you automatically, however you may require a driver to be installed prior to the installation, contact your terminal provider to check if a driver installation is required.

4. Now download and Install the latest version of PC-EFTPOS and the EMS Lite Server from, starting with the EMS Lite Server first, these downloads are free! Once you begin the installation of PC-EFTPOS continue to step 5.

5. Follow the installation wizard and be sure to enter your terminal information and username and password supplied by your bank. For more information there is a comprehensive installation guide provided by PCEFTPOS. Once your installation you are ready to begin installing Nimbus EFTPOS.

Installing Nimbus EFTPOS One

6. Once you have registered your account on, and purchased your Nimbus EFTPOS One licenses, you will be able to download the installer from our website.

7. Once the download is complete, simply right click on the NimbusINSTALL file and click Run as Administrator. This will ensure you give the installer the credentials to install the software on your computer, you may have to click Accept key as the Windows User Accounts Manager will prompt you if you are sure you want to run this file.

8. The Installer window will appear; and it will immediately being performing a dependency check, making sure your system is ready to begin the installation of NimbusEFTPOS One. If you have forgotten to give the application Administrator access and are logged in with a Guest account on the computer, the second check will fail. Please see Step 7 and try again...

9. If the third check fails; this means you computer does not yet have the PC-EFTPOS software installed, you need this software because it manages the terminals communication with your computer and the banks infrastructures. Please see step 2 and install PC-EFTPOS software on your computer.

10. Once all the checks pass, the please wait button will switch to an "Install Now" button, simply click it to begin the installation process; the next checks appear as the installation continues - copying the software on your computer, updating dependency files and setting up your registry.

11. Nimbus EFTPOS One will automatically start on your computer, if you are already running Vend, simply move to the Sell screen for your terminal to appear, alternatively you can manually bring up the terminal by double-clicking the NimbusEFTPOS icon sitting on your computers tray.

EFT Solution for Vend

What is Nimbus EFTPOS?
Nimbus EFTPOS One is a PC-EFTPOS accredited EFTPOS terminal controller that allows you to control your existing bank electronic fund transfer (EFT) terminals with a web-based POS system like Vend!

What does Nimbus EFTPOS do?
Basically Nimbus EFTPOS allows any Australian business to use existing merchant bank accounts/terminals (ANZ, NAB, Commonwealth (Combank), Westpac, Suncorp, Bendigo, St George, Bank West, etc) while using a web-browser based POS system like Vend.

Couldn't I use my merchant account to do that before?
No, not without using an intermediary payment processor, which charge you an extra fee (approx 1% more) per transaction over-and-above the transactions charged by your bank.

What about NimbusEFTPOS Pricing?
Nimbus EFTPOS charges a single annual fee of $29 per year for the simplest - basic solution, but even our fully integrated solution costs you only $129 per year for full terminal functionality.

How come Nimbus EFTPOS does it so cheaply, whats the catch?
In a nut-shell; intermediary payment processors are expensive because they have to use expensive servers to maintain their terminal networks, and the terminals themselves (which are costed into your transaction fees) are made from very expensive hardware that runs as a stand-alone networked device and completely separated from the POS. Nimbus EFTPOS has gone back to first principles in our system design methodology and the increased efficiency of our solution means you pay nothing extra per transaction.

So hows Nimbus EFTPOS different?
Nimbus EFTPOS uses a much simpler technology; by using your existing (& much cheaper) Bank provided terminals to process actual payments, and using a very clever SOFTWARE paradigm that only places high-demands on its servers during each transaction, rather than as continuous telemetry like the intermediary payment processor, Nimbus EFTPOS can do the job for a fraction of the cost!

Surely intermediary solution has some benefits vs Nimbus EFTPOS?
No, Nimbus EFTPOS has every advantage - beyond the fact that intermediary solutions are more expensive (add an extra cost between your merchant bank account and your customers) they also have a more complex pairing operations that need to be managed on-site with the web-browser. This on-site pairing means the terminals can lose their pairing if the browser history is cleared, requiring the terminals be re-paired up again before they work; Nimbus EFTPOS has no such disadvantages.

How does the Nimbus EFTPOS system overcome the pairing issue?
Your Nimbus EFTPOS account (running on the Nimbus EFTPOS server) actually pairs with the customers/businesses Vend POS account remotely (server to server). Meaning that once they are paired up, they NEVER lose their pairing unless the Vend customer revokes the access or pairs with another account on their Nimbus EFTPOS account. This server to server technology means that Nimbus EFTPOS is actually a more stable product!

How Nimbus EFTPOS and Vend save you money?

NB: you need to buy a licence for each terminal you plan to use NimbusEFTPOS with, installing NimbusEFTPOS One on a computer will require the licence information entered before its functionality is enabled, this can only be used the number of times the indicated Qty in the cart.


The full integrated EFTPOS solution will bind your licence to each of your Vend Registers (part of your store outlets), thus you will need to purchase the number of licences you have outlets configured in Vend. If you are unsure of your needs or requirements please contact our enquiries help-desk prior to making your purchases.


Be sure to check out our suggested POS hardware and the App minimum requirements below...

Recommended POS Hardware Terminals:

Please note; the following devices are not supplied with your purchase.

Windows System Requirements

Linux Computer Specifications

Processor: Intel Compatible Processor

Memory: 256MB

Storage: 100MB HDD Space

Input Device: Mouse Preferred

Operating System: Windows XP or higher

Other OS: Windows 32/64bit 2000, 7, 8, 10(tba)

Processor: Intel Compatible Processor

Memory: 128MB

Storage: 100MB HDD Space

Input Device: Pointer Device

Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04 or higher

Other OS: Most Debian or BSD Forks

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