Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics

Andy Xelancer Futcher @HBF Health.

Beyond a broad and eclectic mix of technical skills that dominate my skill set, I too possess an approachable and knowledgeable demeanor that helps me translate my technical know-how and enthusiasm across a broad vernacular.

Digital Analytics Consultant

As a digital analytics consultant for HBF I develop and maintain the business capabilities around two core requirements; canonical Digital Analytics data collection via a first-party data layer and building an attribution model offering a unified digital view of our member activities. These help us not only provide a better experience to the average member but also help us understand the most vulnerable people in our community, ergo focusing our attention on those who need us most.

I offer this by streamlining the implementation of digital technologies (GA360 suite, GTM, Firebase, BigQuery, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce DMP and others) within various BAU and transformation squads across all digital workstreams, delivering on end-to-end expectations. Once successfully maturing our descriptive and reflexive analytics capabilities I have been instrumental in developing reporting prototypes in Tableau and Datastudio to coach various business departments on developing in-house prescriptive analytics, understanding data definitions & articulation of the actionable insights to the executive committee.

Further increasing the extensibility of our omnichannel capabilities I designed the on-prem data warehousing solutions for all analytics data storage and user-level aggregation. Using SAS Enterprise Guide, BigQuery and Google APIv4 I build the template projects which enable our BI (Business Intelligence) squads to fold and stitch together digital analytics data with other datasets in the data warehouse, driving forward our capabilities around a unified customer view.

Digital Analyst Responsibilities

Own the Analytics codebases including the inherited properties; working with ITS and Test Analysts to deploy solutions through the testing environments and perform the sign-off on the solutions in the production environment

Define the Digital Data definitions of the data dimensions, measures and data types within the Analytics suites for the collection of comprehensive and accurate digital tracking data across all DMP (data management platforms)

Use various Analytical tools to provide insights to marketing and relevant stakeholders to support initiatives, enhance awareness and drive conversion opportunities in the digital marketing and the search sphere

Facilitate the inspection and troubleshooting of up-to-date, legacy and omnichannel Analytics datasources; drilling down to discover the root cause of data discrepancies and isolating confounding information

Champion big-data and a data-driven mindset through the development of highly interactive and live-data-sourced Datastudio dashboards and reports, educating on analytical insights and promoting data-storytelling around the datasets

Digital Analytics liaison to ITS and development teams, present an Analytics lens while coaching Developer Squads in navigating software-engineering challenges while delivering on the business tracking data collection objectives

Use multiple data sources, connectors and attribution models to demonstrate evidence of outcomes and prescribe suitable actions to relevant stakeholders that align with strategic goals

Oversee the implementation and integration of Web / Mobile App Personalisation and Marketing Automation components services by attributable signals and first party datalayers

Steward and curate the Legacy Analytics databases and properties, including post-processing the sunset Google Analytics Mobile App SDK datasets for maximum data availability

Maintain the confluence pages and associated reference guides around complete digital tracking implementation and tracking variables.

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