Andy Futcher

Software Engineer and SEO Specialist.

I am the developer of a powerful big-data CMS called Xelancer.

SEO Consultant at HBF Health Insurance

My enterprise SEO philosophy is; “The performance of a company’s organic search is the most robust metric possible to measure a company’s ability to innovate and adapt to the needs of their market.”

To meet this challenge head on and drive home the HBF core marketing messages, corporate vision and simultaneously enhance our organic footprint I have begun working on ALL aspects of public facing HBF website, with a 90% on-page / 10% offsite focus. Leveraging innovative solutions designed to provide key-insights into how we demonstrate excellence in 4 main SEO “influencing” criteria. These 4 complex and highly distinctive on-site criteria form the framework from which all my SEO strategies and initiatives are derived. These criteria affect not only how search engines perceive the HBF as a complete entity / organic footprint, but also how people interact and start their journeys.

HBF is challenging position because we are a not-for-profit health fund, with the keyword profile of such, and yet we participate in many general insurance market sectors too, many of these sectors are dominated by for-profit competitors. As such the established content profiles lean heavily towards the for-profit motivators, which are not traditionally in line with HBF organic footprint. To accommodate these challenges I have developed a 12 month SEO strategy which will culminate in the deployment of 20 unique projects.

With the support of my close colleagues - and working with many stakeholders outside of the traditional SEO scope of work to deliver these initiatives ahead of schedule. I am the driver behind these initiatives and leverage my passion and knowledge in SEO and SEM, software engineering, web-fundamentals and servers as well as agile Small/Medium Enterprise restraints (necessity being the mother of invention) to bridge the innovation gap at HBF.

Software Architect at Reach Metrics

SEO / Relevancy Analysis;
Reach Metrics™ features complicated data-mining tools to parse millions of keywords found on competitor pages, using sophisticated content mapping technology combined with search information I am able to accurately identify and outline most (if not all) of relevant keywords for just about any search terms and phrases you can think of. From there I am able to accurately corroborate search data and identify keywords that should be considered for inclusion within the written text and mark-ups of a suitable search terms landing page, dramatically improving relevancy and performance for both long and short-tail search terms. This technique is called Reflexive SEO.

SEM / Ad-Space Analysis;
Reach Metrics™ provides ad-placement Quality Assurance designed to complement all online marketing efforts for large and small enterprise! By isolating distinctive visitor profiles through the assessment of the various digital ecosystems around individual ad-spaces found on millions of web-pages & mobile apps, Reach Metrics™ uses various quality indicators to accurately measure the performance of ad-space by assessing disciplines like social presence, organic search traffic exposure, contextual & metadata accuracy as well as other audience relevant data.

I developed the Reach Metrics technology as a combination of 10 years worth of code and research into search engines - with the goal of making my honed algorithms and technology accessible to large enterprise.

Software Engineering at Nimbus EFTPOS

I applied my software engineering experience to develop a controller for USB operated EFTPOS controllers allowing web-browser based SSL secured cloud based Point of Sale systems like Vend to pair with the localhost PC-EFTPOS controllers. Using innovative technology that pre-loads the controller when the store attendant is primed for sale, and utilizing Vend API for seamless integrated EFTPOS, I worked with the banks and got PC-EFTPOS accreditation - Cert 459. The solution is in use in over 40 major retailer outlets across Australia.

Founder & Marketing at Freed Reads

This is yet another example of my eclectic skillset at work, combining my experience selling ad-space with innovation in Software Engineering in perfect harmony. I developed a solution that pre-renders eBooks in a unique PNG-8 vector image format and streams them directly to the reader's device. Freed Reads has found favour with many mobile users as the format is browser compatible as well as protecting the interests of Authors to prevent eBook piracy, with no ‘words’ to copy/paste, and only quality vector IMAGE served - blends the needs of all parties while serving ads to readers to compensate Authors. This site uses my extensible architecture allowing more servers to be added to the network as load & requirements grow from the ever expanding eBook catalogue - launched last year & continues to this day.

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